Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14th 2013 Email

Hey mom!!!
How have you been?
Iv been good, went on exchanges twice this week that was a lot of fun, i love seeing how other missionaries work. I went to the place in Bellevue during one of the exchanges and WOW the houses there were just phenomenal. Right on the water, most of them had their own dock in their backyards to park their boats...  Invited this Muslim guy named Mostafa to church and he said that he would come...he didnt come it made me sad, but hopefully he will call us sometime and we can just teach him. 
The girl that we had a return appointment with this week cancelled because she was sick but we have an appointment set up with her this thursday. hopefully we can commit her to reading and praying... 
We gave Brian a Doctrine and Covenants because he wanted one.  Hopefully he at least reads that...

During one of the exchanges we went to this transit station to contact people, which is way fun. However, since reading so much scripture and stuff i decided that before the end of my mission and if im ever in the city that i want to just stand up on benches on street corners and "preach" the way that i at least picture the prophets in the Bible and Book of Mormon teaching when they would go into some strange land. so i hope that one day i have the awesomeness and guts to do such a thing. i think that it would be so much fun and so awesome to do. Just stand up on some bench and be like "repent ye repent ye" well not really that would probably go bad but you get the idea. 

so i love you all and you are all wonderful people in my life =) 
im not sure what else to say. umm yeah 
love you 
Elder Baker

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