Monday, October 28, 2013

Bike Accident Week-Email and Photos

Hey!!!! so this week has been kind of crazy!!! Lets start with Monday.

I helped *kill off my zone leader which was super sad. Eventually went to a YSA FHE which was way fun met Angie who is a recent convert and heard all about her conversion story. Super long and complicated but super awesome. 
Transfers, my companion Elder Hansen got transfered and ended up back in his last area, and a friend that he was "raised" with from that area came to Bellevue and is my new companion who i dearly love and is super awesome Elder Webb. Pictures will be supplied soon enough. 
Had a last minute district meeting so that kind of messed up our day. But we made a return appointment with Sam and learned that he plays guitar and so does E. Webb so that is awesome for them to have something in common. 
Elder Webb was sick so we didnt go out until we had to go to Ward Correlation meeting. Great meeting tons of fun and good ideas. Well leaving the meeting i had only been on the bike for probably 30 seconds and im just going over a speed bump with my bike which id done dozens of times only going like 4 mph and boom front tire just comes off. So this is literally what i was thinking during all this. front tire comes off and i see the ground coming "my face is about to be bleeding" next thing i know im on the floor "i should get up" throw the bike off myself stand up "hey Elder Webb is my face bleeding?" Elder Webb "umm yeah we should probably go back into the church actually let me grab some papers towels first so you can cover that up cuz you are dripping blood everywhere and i dont want you to freak people out." 
Then we went into the bathroom and checked myself out yea i was bleeding pretty good ahah it was kind of cool. Everyone was freaking out. So eventually Elder Cramer (i love that guy he is our other zone leader that i hopefully get to help *kill off this transfer) came in and told me to sit down because he thought i had a concussion and treated me like i was five which was probably a good thing because i was feeling a little wobbly. Anyways he walked me to a car and he drove me to the hospital and helped me get signed in and stuff. 
Well you know doctors gotta take your blood pressure and all that so i was like do you want me to take my jacket off i can. so Elder Cramer helped me take it off and when he starts to slide it off my left arm he says "OH! maybe you should keep the jacket on actually" i couldnt turn my head that far i didnt know why. well more useless details but i ended up in a room and this guy comes in to clean the gash on my lip. he pulled out this big bottle of clear liquid (probably 64 ounces) and squirted that into my lip which hurt SOOOO bad. Worst part... i think. So after that the doctor comes in DR. Shipley very nice guy one of 2 LDS doctors in who work in the whole hospital and the only one working that night, talk about luck right. so he checks it out and leaves. Then this girl comes in...well i guess she is a nurse but whatever,l i dont know her name but she is super nice we are friends now. She got the fun job of numbing my lip which was scary!!! big needle and that sucked. so it was pretty easy and all good until she put the needle inside the sliced open part of my lip that hurt like nobodies business!!!!! so i got the needle shoved in and out of my lip "80 OR 90 TIMES!!!!" (you are really cool if you understand this quote) but its kind of true. 
Dr. Shipley came back in and i got 12 stitches in my lip and it sucks cuz i cant get them wet so its really hard to do stuff. And both my lips are all swollen and that makes life really difficult because i cant eat very well in fear of ripping stitches and stuff. Good stuff, iv told the story dozens of times now!!! Lots of people felt really bad for me which basically led to me having a lifetime supply of applesauce now. Which is awesome im not ripping on applesauce. So that was really my week. We were inside for a while after that and havent done a whole lot.

*Killing off a missionary means that their two years are up and they are going home.

Definitely keeping this shirt forever

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