Saturday, October 12, 2013

From a Collection of Letters on Oct 7th, 2013

...How are my sisters doing? Amanda should either be back now or be back soon right? If she's back I'm sure you are loving seeing the kids. Don't let them forget about me while I'm gone.

Did you guys like conference?  It was super good even the seventies who I usually don't pay attention to...but they were all at least good. Some definitely better than others though.

So I said I was reading Jesus the Christ. Well I read about 100-120 pages I thought were the most interesting...  But I'm also currently reading in Alma, I'm on Ch. 12 & based on average readings per day-ish I should finish it no later than the 23rd. And then finish the Book of Mormon no later than the 27th of Nov.  Something like that.  Then it is on to the New Testament. Then probably Pearl of Great Price & D&C.

A happy thought for you mom, I haven't lost any weight since I've been out  :)  I don't think I've gained any either though. So I'm holding strong.

We picked up some 25lb dumb bells from these other missionaries!!! Time to get chiseled...
And I was doing 210 push ups in like 12ish minutes but just today dropped down from my seven sets of 30 to 7 sets of twenty but putting my feet on the couch & each week adding 5 reps to each set & building back up.

Time is weird on a mission...I've never had time pass so slowly but then look back & see that another week is gone already. I don't understand it at all.     ...Anyways, that's all. I love you.

Elder Baker

Quotes from conference:

"Faith must proceed the miracle"
                                  -Timothy J. Dykes
                                                   of the Seventy

"There is no superior career than family"
                                  -Christofferson  (Slightly paraphrased)

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