Monday, March 10, 2014

007 - Elder Baker...Better Than Bond


Mamma's Boys - Strippling Warriors
Elder Hillman's shades make it the real deal.

Mom sent marshmallow guns from our family reunion. Awesome!

6 Months In The Field!!!

Burned a tie at my 6 month mark, on February 28th, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Latest Pictures

Tiger Mountain, WA

Dinner at the Kenyon's last night (Feb 16)
 Their son plays the bagpipes

Cleanest Car in the Zone

Email February 3rd, 2014

oH AND we had the #1 cleanest car in zone that is why we got that golden plates license plate thing. And by doing so we got extra miles. its pretty great.

One of Our Investigators

Email January 20th, 2014

i dont think anything super exciting has happened recently but we did get to teach sister miller who is a little bit of an older lady who is incredibly nice and we set up a church tour with her and now she is going to do that and hopefully read the book of mormon this week, this lady is so getting baptized she doesnt even have a choice anymore she is going to feel that spirit so strong she wont be able to deny it. Its going to be great!

P.S. ...

Oh yeah I totally know Elder Sorenson, he is a good guy.  And Elder Brown yeah I see him every zone conference I go to haha. Speaking of Elder  Brown, Elder Kimball and him are now companions together.

My New Companion

Still in Tiger Mountain but I have a new Companion, Elder Hillman.

"Elder Hillman likes to get stuff done which is what I like so we get along good.  We tell stories and goof off... we just have way too much fun.  I'm definitely going to visit this kid after the mission."

Elder Baker and Elder Hillman


In A Letter Dated 1/6/14

So I never know what to say. But I’m loving my mission! I can’t believe I waited so long to read my scriptures everyday (like really read them). Jesus is our Savior he did die for us so that we could live with our father in Heaven again.  Through reading the Book of Mormon Iv decided that anyone who doesn’t read will never be baptized and if they are they are not truly converted.  And those members who stop reading will soon lose their testimonies and go less active.  A man will grow closer to god by abiding by its precepts.
Never forget what is important to life, not what seems important now but what is truly important. Faith, repentance, baptism (or partaking [of the] sacrament), keeping the Holy Ghost with you, and enduring to the end.  Those 5 things create happiness in this life.
I love you all
Elder Baker

Scriptures!!! January 6th, 2014

Jan 6

So i am currently reading in D&C (i finished the Book of Mormon the second time New Years Eve) im on section 54 ish i believe. Its pretty good you learn some interesting things but i do miss the Book of Mormon. I think when im done with D&C (maybe another 2 weeks) i will be starting the Book of Mormon again or i will read the New Testament then go back to the Book of Mormon. I cant read so many different books all at once its way too complicated for simple ol' me.
New Years was good we went in an hour early so 8 o'clock instead of 9. We played with hand sanitizer and we lit it on fire and played with that for a while and then i read like way more then i should have in an hour and ten minutes because i had to finish the Book of Mormon by bed time. So it was fun. 
I love you Mom
I love the gospel and the Book of Mormon and everything that it all contains. I have loved being able to grow in faith and testimony over these few short months of being a missionary. Thanks for the support and love and care.

Love you
Elder Baker

Sometimes We Do This

Christmas 2013

Christmas Morning Skype With The Family

Elder Baker and Elder Kimball in Tiger Mountain, Washington

My Christmas tree... sent from home

Down Time in the Mission (December 2013)

A member took us to this place to get giant burgers!

The Sisters left their glasses in the car... how do we look?