Monday, February 17, 2014

Scriptures!!! January 6th, 2014

Jan 6

So i am currently reading in D&C (i finished the Book of Mormon the second time New Years Eve) im on section 54 ish i believe. Its pretty good you learn some interesting things but i do miss the Book of Mormon. I think when im done with D&C (maybe another 2 weeks) i will be starting the Book of Mormon again or i will read the New Testament then go back to the Book of Mormon. I cant read so many different books all at once its way too complicated for simple ol' me.
New Years was good we went in an hour early so 8 o'clock instead of 9. We played with hand sanitizer and we lit it on fire and played with that for a while and then i read like way more then i should have in an hour and ten minutes because i had to finish the Book of Mormon by bed time. So it was fun. 
I love you Mom
I love the gospel and the Book of Mormon and everything that it all contains. I have loved being able to grow in faith and testimony over these few short months of being a missionary. Thanks for the support and love and care.

Love you
Elder Baker

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