Monday, November 18, 2013

Email Chat With Elder Baker

Mom: just emailed me!

Elder Baker: The work is slowly starting to pick up we have a couple of people who can possibly become progressing investigators this week if we have the time to visit them often enough. and yes we have Thanksgiving dinner with this non member Ellen and her Husband which should be interesting hopefully we can talk to them about the gospel we haven't been able to yet.  They are acting catholics but she has had great experiences with Lds people before so hopefully things will work out with her.

Mom: That sounds great about those investigators... What are your feelings about being a missionary?  Have you felt the Lord's hand in your efforts?

Elder Baker:  Ummm my feelings of being a missionary... well i love being a missionary.  I guess you could say that when i came out my thoughts were kind of if i went home it wouldn't be too bad. Now my thoughts are i don't see myself going home and thinking about going home is weird.  Well earthly home that is, it blows my mind when i think that one day i will be in spiritual paradise and eventually be a resurrected being walking around during the millennium with mortal beings and just wow it blows my mind every time!!! Iv learned so much and yet i dont know anything at all.
Yeah iv seen the Lord's hand in my life and in the things that we are doing. Its kind of hard not to as a missionary.  haha.

Elder Baker: This is me trying to tan with a happy light.

Mom: Got it! Ha,ha... did it work?  Are you "happy" now?  And what the heck is a happy light?

Elder Baker:  Thats the first thing that i thought when i heard about them but apparently they have happy lights in washington because people get sad so these lights are special and put off whatever the sun does or something... at least thats what im told.

Mom: OH, yes, I've heard of those. Soak up some vitamin D rays! Nice.
What can I pray for, on yours and Elder Webb's behalf?  Investigators? Goals?

Elder Baker: Umm pray that we will be able to find those who are ready to receive the gospel. I think that will be the best thing. Thanks MOM you are too great

Mom: I'm so grateful for your service son. Truly...
You're my hero and someone I really look up to. Thank you for giving me your shining example.

Hey- 18 more days and you will have 100 days in the mission field!!! (Not that I'm counting)

Elder Baker:  Yeah not that you are keeping track or anything haha

Mom:  I better run. I love you son!  I hope your week is wonderful and full of inspiring moments.  I will be praying for you guys.  ===uploading a huge hug===

Elder Baker:  I love you too MOM i miss you and I guess I'll be talking to you in about 6ish weeks so be looking forward to that =)
Love you
Elder Baker

PS  tell the fam i said hi

(It was fun to catch Elder Baker online and have a few minutes to chat with him today!!! I thought I'd throw in a few lines and this picture he sent! He is doing great and is excited to get working on new goals for the mission this week!)

Transfers. I Stayed

My New Companion Elder Webb

Loving my new companion! E. Webb is fantastic.  He's all about working with members  & it's good cuz I know nothing about that yet. Learning lots. Loving it. Love you!
Yours truly,
E. Baker