Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MY FIRST WEEK...Excerpts from letters

From a letter dated 9/12/13

   So the lst few days have been all about tracting & street contacts, but today we met with Bishop Gardner & we got lots of formers & potentials for tomorrow so that is gonna be way fun!
We walk so much cuz neither of us have bikes yet.  My feet are sore everyday.
Anyways learning lots. In the Lakeview Ward. About 600 members, I'm probably gonna have to speak in a week or two.  :|


Elder Baker

From an email on 9/16/13

"...we met with some people and now have 3 investigators which is nice. Craig, who seems like a super nice guy but is just incredibly busy. The Robinson family who we dont know much about but should be giving us a call in the next couple days. And then there is Brian who we went and saw yesterday and OH MY GOSH remember the part on The Princess Bride when Vicinni is talking with "The Man in Black" and the man in black is just like "truly you have a dizzying intellect"? yeah well that is exactly how i felt while talking to Brian because he just jumps all over the place and asks so many deep deep questions. But we are going to see him again so that is good. 
Umm yeah other than that it rained for the first time yesterday and i tell you we were miles from home and i got drenched!!! Like it was ridiculous but eventually we got a ride from this guy which i was incredibly thankful for because i had been praying for like 20 minutes that something would happen like a ride or no more rain or something. There was also lightning and thunder which was awesome. Iv never heard such loud thunder before in my life it was absolutely one of the coolest things ever." 

"OH! Thanks for the package. Very Awesome!"

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