Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Night in Washington!

"Hey Mom,
   So I wrote you a letter but I haven't sent it yet.  Anyways I am here in Bellevue now.  My companion is Elder Hansen.  Umm what can I tell you that isn't in my letter?
We went out a little last night and talked to some people.  It seems like our apartment complex have all been talked to cuz most of them have Book of Mormons already. All the people that we talked to seem really nice, they are all Indian which is funny but they really are kind people.
Hmm nothing much else to say so far since I haven't done much yet ha,ha.
Well I love you and I miss you.
You should get me Dad's email so I can email him sometime.

I love you,
Elder Baker"

Dear Family,
    So 1st day in the field, I am in Bellevue.  I can't give you all the info b/c I don't know any of it.  My companion (Elder Hansen) & I got white washed into an area and currently there is no record book so...yeah.  Did some street contacts today, wasn't even bad.  I can tell it's gonna be fun.  We talked to this one guy & he was an interesting fellow who went to BYU but wasn't Mormon.  Anyways I wasn't sure but I think I love the people already.  That's all for today.  I love you & pray for you.

Elder Baker

A picture of Bellevue, WA. In French it means beautiful view.